Thursday, May 02, 2019

In Prep Mode

I will be leaving bright and early (actually, probably before the sun is fully up) tomorrow for Maryland Sheep and Wool. For the first time, I'll be going to work rather than shop, which should be a nice change. My plans to go with friends never really fell into place, so when Amy of the Ross Farm said they could use my help in the booth, I jumped at the chance.

Despite the fact that I have to leave very early tomorrow (Amy wants to get on the road by 8, and I've got about an hour-long drive to get down to the farm), I've done no real prep for the trip other than think about it. I've checked the forecast throughout the week and it looks like it'll be wet and warm, so I'm definitely taking my wellies and some extra shoes, but I haven't started packing at all. True to form, though, I've already planned out what knitting I'm taking.

I figured the trip would be a good excuse to get a fair amount done on my two current WIPs for Rainbow, the brioche hat (pictured above) and her Little Boxy (which has gotten only one round knit on it since the last time you saw it). I also my take my current design WIP, which really needs to get finished soon. That should be plenty, considering the drive down isn't nearly as long as the drive to Rhinebeck.

Tonight I've got to pack, wind the rest of the minis for the hat so I don't have to do it by hand, and get shopping lists and schedules all set for my husband for while I'm away. If you will be at the festival this weekend, come by the booth and say hi!


  1. It sounds like you've got a great weekend ahead (except maybe for the rain)! I have to be in NJ this weekend so I'm sorry to miss MDSW. It's only 1.5 hours from our house in MD and I'd love to stop and say hi. Next year!

  2. Liz T2:21 PM

    Have a great trip! Would love to attend....someday....

  3. I'm sure you got it all together ... because of course the knitting is the MOST important part! Hope you have a wonderful weekend ... look forward to following along on Instagram!