Thursday, May 30, 2019

Short Week, Big Stress

For a very short work week (Monday was a holiday and I'm taking tomorrow off), it's been a very crazy one. Yesterday morning I got out of bed and got ready to jump into the shower only to discover we had no water (they were flushing the hydrant at the end of our street; and thankfully they wrapped it up in time for me to get ready for the day). This morning my alarm either didn't go off or I slept through it, resulting in oversleeping by an hour. We did manage to get to school and work on time, but I had to take my coffee and breakfast to the office with me, and starting the day uncaffeinated is never a good idea. On top of all this, it's been crazy busy at work this week, plus we've had really unsettled weather, with strong storms and flash flooding. I of course could not have anticipated any of this when I requested tomorrow off, but I'm now very glad that I did.

As at all times of high stress, knitting has been a very calming activity for me. I've been working on the baby-sized Flax Light during my lunch breaks, and it is very quickly getting bigger. I split off the sleeve stitches yesterday and spent today's knitting time working on the body, which is just all knit in the round -- no thinking required.

The past couple of evenings have been spent multitasking: knitting while reading. I'm back to Rainbow's Little Boxy, which is perfect for working on while doing something else because, again, stockinette in the round.

"Mommy, is it done yet?"

Normally I'd be watching something on the TV in the evening while I knit, but this week it's been all about reading because I finally got Maybe You Should Talk to Someone from the library. I haven't been able to put it down since I started it, and since I've embraced reading ebooks, I've found that it's really easy to prop up my iPad next to me so I can read while I knit (though I'll admit I made a mistake it setting it up off to the side the other night, which gave me a bit of a sore neck). As if I weren't plowing through it fast enough because I'm enjoying it, my library app now very helpfully lets me know how many people are waiting for the book, so I'm hoping to have it finished and returned by tomorrow.

The reason for taking the day off tomorrow is that Rainbow, if you can believe it, is "graduating" from third grade and is done after a morning assembly. So we're planning a day of fun for just the girls. We're going to meet my sister-in-law for lunch and then getting haircuts. I expect we'll then spend the rest of the day relaxing and enjoying the fact that we get an early start to the weekend. After the past three days, I think I've earned it!


  1. Wouldn't you think they would let you know about the hydrant flushing?! I do hate having a discombobulated and uncaffeinated start to the day. Your projects look great despite the crazy week, and it sounds like a fun day tomorrow. Congratulations to Rainbow, and enjoy your graduation lunch and early start to the weekend!

  2. Have a wonderful long weekend! I saw Rainbow's summer cut on Twitter and - wow, she is growing up! Her hair cut is darling (as is she!) May her summer be full of all the fun things! (And, may 4th grade be slow in arriving!)

  3. Ditto Kat's comment ... ALL of it! I really enjoyed those "girls days out", especially once the girls got to high school. They are still my very favorite shopping buddies and love to eat lunch out (I guess I got that from my mom ... now she's my regular partner for "ladies who lunch")