Sunday, February 28, 2021

What Was the Big Deal?

Part of the reason I have a fair amount of older fiber from Southern Cross Fibre in my stash is that in my early days in the club, the shipments felt so precious and I was afraid to ruin them (in those days, you had to wait for a spot in the club to open, and I'd been on the wait list for several years before I got my spot). I've gotten over that, though; I have enough spinning experience by now that it'd be hard to me to actually ruin any fiber, so really my only trepidation is that maybe I might regret how I've spun a particular batch of fiber and wish I'd spun it another way.

I really did not have any concerns about this spin, though. Once I decided how to spin it, it was really only a matter of days before I had a finished skein.

This yarn turned out pretty much just how I wanted it to, and it should create some subtle striping when it's knit up. It turned out roughly DK weight and approximately 213 yards. Being that's it's 100% Merino, I thought it might poof up a bit more in the finishing, but it really didn't. The colors are a bit more accurate in this photo:

Just as I was finishing this skein, my newest club shipment arrived. This is actually December's colorway, but given David's dyeing schedule, his taking a break to visit family, and the increased shipping times, it only just arrived this past week. This colorway is called Weathered, and it's on a particularly luscious base of 50% South African Superfine/50% mulberry silk. Let me tell you, this is really nice to pet!

I am really committed to working through the older fiber, though, so I pulled out what is now my oldest unspun SCF stash, Shetland from July 2016 in the colorway Organic Greens.

I've simply pulled the fiber apart into thirds, without much color planning, and I'm going to spin another traditional three-ply yarn, though I'm aiming for fingering weight this time around. Thinner yarn means much finer singles to spin, so I should be busy with this one for more than a few days.


  1. I adore the colours, seriously. I am still in the stage of "fear of ruining" (which is why I have a ton of fibre and none of it spun), but I will have to get over it at one point, I guess.

    The finished yarn looks truly beautiful! It reminds me a bit of seaglass.
    And the new fibre is super yummy - both the new shipment and the one you're gonna spin next (which is very spring-y, too!)

  2. Those greens are so dreamy - I love how that one turned out. And I can't wait to see what becomes of the Organic Greens fiber and how the pink/purples plays with the green/blue. How fun!

  3. That skein turned out lovely, Sarah! I love how it looks! (and your next spin choice looks fun!) I pulled out what is likely one of my oldest fiber purchases... it is a cashmere/silk 50-50 blend that I got when The Spinning Loft was a brick and mortar store in Howell MI. It was one that I could not stop touching... a true delight. I began spinning this weekend but have not gotten very far because I am shooting for a light fingering/heavy laceweight yarn.

  4. Lovely colors all around. I love the yarn that you have already spun - it reminds me of seaglass too.

  5. Another gorgeous handspun skein, and your next spin looks a little like Spring. (With all this lovely fiber you may convince me to give spinning a try someday!)

  6. The fiber and colors in that last photo is beautiful! I look forward to seeing what you will be knitting with these lovely skeins

  7. So gorgeous, Sarah! What a wonderful treat for you.

  8. I love the Organic Greens. In your hands, it will make some lovely yarn. The skein looks great too. You are a fiber artist.