Sunday, September 19, 2021

Not for Lack of Wanting

Although I had hoped to get a lot of spinning done over the past week, it was yet another crazy week in terms of work. I certainly could have used the stress relief of spinning, and I kept wanting to do it, so my lack of progress is only because I just haven't had the time. Maybe this week will be better? I've gotten through a couple more bundles of fiber, and the amount of singles on the bobbin has grown.

My August club shipment showed up this week, and in an interesting twist, it would have been perfect for this spin:

The colorway is called Gran Cenote (after the place of the same name in Mexico), and it's on Falkland fiber. At least it's in my comfort zone, even if I can't use it for my current combo spin!


  1. That is lovely fiber, and I hope work slows down and allows you some time to spin this week!

  2. Work . . . it gets in the way of Life so often! ;-) I hope you're able to do more of that lovely spinning this week.

  3. I am hoping for a slower work week and more spinning time! (that new fiber is gorgeous!)

  4. Do you needle felt or wet felt? (I had such a swirl of visions with your Gran Cenote!)

  5. What is it with work right now? I am crazy/busy at work and it is not slowing down.

  6. That is GORGEOUS fiber - I love the radiant blue in particular. Did you put it with the others or will you spin it in between?

    (I really hope life slows down now and you can get a breather again - fingers are crossed!)