Friday, October 22, 2021

Good Stuff

Phew, Friday at last! Any time I'm away and off on a Monday, it inevitably leads to my confusion about what day it is and a feeling that I'm constantly catching up. It hasn't been a particularly busy week at work, but my time has been taken up with other stuff (I feel like I spent hours on Tuesday morning dealing with synagogue board-related email, for instance). I'm hoping today I can finally get the last couple of things crossed off my to-do list.

As someone who is somewhat addicted to the news, I feel like I almost always have a negative outlook because the news always seems to be so dire. Part of my (almost) daily journaling practice is to make a list of five small sources of joy, and I've found that coming up with five things every day is a great way to shift my outlook and cultivate gratitude. Most of the time they are small things -- that the weather was beautiful, that I saw a group of adorable chipmunks or cute dogs on my walk, that I got a library book that I'd been waiting for a while -- but occasionally there are some bigger things. And there have been some bigger things that I thought I'd share with you here, because who doesn't need some reasons to be happy?

First, I came back from my walk on Wednesday to find that, after years of wanting one, I was finally the owner of a Japanese maple:

It's pretty tiny right now, but we'll have plenty of time to watch it grow!

My knitting has been making me happy the last couple of days, too. First I added that bit of duplicate stitch to that one sock that was annoying me, and I'm completely satisfied with it now -- it's amazing how much of a difference one row of stitches can make!

Can you even see it?

And on my Shifty, I've joined in my second contrast color and am enjoying the more subtle look:

In case you can't tell, the light is terrible here today.

Yesterday, though, was undoubtedly the most exciting. When I got out of the shower yesterday, I picked up my phone and saw that there was an email from Rainbow's school. This email was letting parents know that because the FDA would soon be meeting about approving Pfizer's COVID for children 5-12 and it was expected that it would be granted emergency use authorization, the school has decided to host a vaccination clinic in early November (obviously pending approval) and was offering up appointments. I wasted no time in getting Rainbow signed up, so assuming all goes according to plan, by the time she turns 12 in mid-December, she will be fully vaccinated! What's more, that means that we feel safer about traveling, so last night we booked flights to go to Florida in December! We will still plan to stay put once we get there, but it will be so nice to have a little taste of the Before Times and to get some sunshine in winter.

I hope this week has brought some good news to your life and that you have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Lots of joy in this post! Between a Japanese maple, happiness with a row of duplicate stitch, the prospect of getting Rainbow vaccinated and flying to FL, you must be beside yourself. I'm glad to hear all the good news, especially the vaccine for Rainbow.

    I used to be a news junkie, listening to NPR in the car and kitchen, and reading lots of news sites, but then we elected that guy. I couldn't stand hearing about him, and I gradually quit listening to the news. It was affecting my mental health, and I feel a lot better, even if I am slightly uninformed. I check the BBC and NYT sites in the morning, read some select articles, and that's about it. It's surprising how little the news really changes - congress is fractious, people are unhappy with the president, and the supply chain is broken. (And the Queen needs to rest!)

  2.! I love your new Japanese Maple! But the best news of all... VACCINES for our children! YAY!!!

    (and I am a news junkie as well... this voting suppression wave that is washing over America is extremely disturbing)

  3. So much good news here! As a huge Japanese maple fan myself--CONGRATS. Such beauty! And here's to the vax clinic--not only the availability, but the convenience of your school [potentially] serving as a site. YES!

  4. Congratulations on all of this!!
    Japanese maples are so pretty - the neighbourood in which we take our walks in has several in the front gardens and their leaves are so pretty.
    You did such a great job with the sock and it's so good that another gift is done (how many more do you have to go?)
    I hope you keep being so satisfied with your colour choices for the swater - I hope it really looks awesome!

    And it's just the best that Rainbow will be vully vaccinated soon AND that you can go on your vacation!! (I hope the flight will be quiet). That's really great, honestly. Will the whole family gather there, or do your parents have a house or something down there?

  5. Good news all around. So happy Rainbow will be vaccinated. And FL in December!! Have a great weekend.

  6. I almost always have the news on in the background, especially first thing in the morning and then again after work. But I try not to let it impact my mood and feelings. I'm SO happy for you that Rainbow will be vaccinated soon. I think those of us without children under 11 have forgotten the relief we initially felt when vaccinated and your post reminded me of that. Happy Weekend!

  7. I am not much for watching or reading the news because there is so much contradictory reporting and I am especially annoyed with how much attention the anti-vaccine contingent is getting. I love your sweater and such good news about the vaccine. We are hoping one of our small people will also be vaccinated in December

  8. The vaccine approval for younger children is such good news. I think I'm going to incorporate your idea about things that bring joy into my journaling. I struggle with wanting to be informed and reading the news and feeling very down by what is printed. I definitely try not to read any news after 6:00 p.m.