Monday, April 18, 2022

What's the Date Again?

So, it's Monday again, and while the calendar says it's supposed to be spring, Mother Nature hasn't gotten the message. We had a brief snow squall yesterday morning (nothing stuck, thank goodness), and we're expecting more snow and wintery mix today and tomorrow. All this while everything is blooming outside!

On the plus side, the return of winter has meant that I've been able to wear my new sweater a couple of times. I wore it to our second seder Saturday night, and Rainbow wore her matching sweater -- though we totally forgot to get a photo!

Much of the weekend was spent indoors due to the weather, which means quite a lot of knitting time. My main focus has been my handspun Hitchhiker, which has grown quite a bit since I last shared it.

The light is terrible here this morning, so while I've edited the photo a bit to get the colors a bit closer to real life, this photo just isn't doing them justice. At the moment, I am alternating two skeins to blend them as I transition from the smaller ball you see to the larger one. I really had only a small amount of the lighter purple-y blue, so it's pretty much only appearing in stripes. Everything above the progress keeper was knit yesterday. And I just have to give you a closer look at that progress keeper:

This sweet smiling piece of knitting is from Noelle at Charmed and Dangerous, who makes the most adorable markers. Every month she does a special charm club, where you get three surprise stitch markers or progress keepers (you get to choose the findings), and this cutie came as part of a set of knitting-themed markers. I've been amassing quite a collection of these, as has Rainbow, so I figured it made sense to use one!

I'm going to try to squeeze in my walk before it starts wintery mix-ing outside, so that's all from me today, but I will be back on Wednesday with a crafting and reading update. I hope Monday is kind to you!


  1. I'm glad you got to wear your new sweater! Today is a bit cold but at least we're just supposed to get loads of rain later today and tonight. I don't want to see any wintry mix here. Also, your Hitchhiker is gorgeous!

  2. It's chilly here and I'm wondering where spring is, too! Wearing your sweater is a small silver lining though!

  3. Oh, ugh. We have the wintry mixing going on here, too. Just got back from a quick walk with the dog . . . between types of precipitation, for the most part. I hope spring comes for good someday soon! (I'm glad you had a new sweater all ready for the "false spring" you're having!) XO

  4. Nuts to that wintry mix. We had a spit of snow yesterday. Today the sun is out and it was a tad bit warmer. The little stitch marker is darling and looks very much at home on your hitchhiker. The HH is so pretty in handspun.

  5. Your hitchhiker is so pretty. Wool is so amazing!

    And here's to spring deciding to stick around!