Thursday, June 25, 2020

Plans for My Three-Day Weekend

Today is my Friday. Although my employer has temporarily removed the limits on the amount of vacation time we can accrue, the two personal days I get each year will still go POOF! at the end of the fiscal year (which is the end of this month), so this month, as I've done for several years now, I've taken two random Fridays off. In the past, one of those has typically been Rainbow's last day of school, but of course this year everything is different. Taking a day off now pretty much just means doing what I normally do every other day but not being glued to my computer. Tomorrow is my second of those days off, and while I don't have any specific plans for the day, I do have an idea of what I want to do this weekend.

For starters, I want to put some serious time in on Rainbow's crochet blanket. I must admit that I've missed a couple of days of work on it, completely unintentionally, though I'm still tracking my days so that I make sure I put in at least 100 days. As of this morning, this is all I have left to add of the original yarn set aside for the blanket:

It's now measuring about 40 inches across, which is a good size for a lap blanket but not as big as Rainbow wants it to be. So now I will start adding the additional six skeins of Felici we discovered in my stash. We will reassess the size after those have been added.

I also want to see how much I can get done on my Tegna. I finished up the back on Tuesday evening and got started on the front last night. There really isn't that much knitting left to do, though I may make the sleeves longer than specified given that it looks like I'll have plenty of yarn.

Finally, I want to devote some serious time to reading. I'm about 30-ish% into The Beautiful Mystery and am absolutely loving it, but I haven't been able to read it for any extended period of time just yet. The weather forecast for the weekend looks steamy and rainy, so it will be a good excuse to curl up in the AC with a book.

I'm off to see what Carole and friends are up to. Please share what you're working on and planning for the weekend ahead in the comments!


  1. I might have to check out The Beautiful Mystery for my book BINGO ‘mystery’ square....And, as always, I’m loving thatnpop of black in Rainbows blanket. Especially next to that sophisticated shade of green! Enjoy your long weekend! Your plans sound blissful.

  2. Plans for knitting, crocheting, and reading are always good, just like using two personal days before you lose 'em. Enjoy!

  3. Love the blanket! The purples and greens are so pretty together. My weekend plans consist of spending my days floating in the pool, weather permitting. Nights and when the weather doesn't permit, I'll be knitting. Counting stitches is the most difficult task I have planned for this weekend.

  4. Sounds like a delightful long weekend!

  5. Love that blanket! (and The Beautiful Mystery was so beautiful!)

    Happy Long Weekend!

  6. Yay for a long weekend! Your blanket and Tegna are looking great! You know how much I love The Beautiful Mystery :) It sounds like you have a great weekend ahead of you!

  7. Your knitting is lovely -- and the colors so cheering. Enjoy your long weekend, Sarah.