Sunday, June 07, 2020

The Refrain Is the Same

It's been a very active day here. We started out by driving out to see my in-laws and taking a walk around their neighborhood. After lunch and the weekly knitting Zoom call that Mary hosts, I went for a run. And then after I'd showered and cooled off, I sat down at my wheel for a bit before dinner. Right now, I have almost 17,500 steps on my Fitbit -- my knees are feeling it!

My spinning is getting a tad bit monotonous. I have four completed bobbins of singles, with the fifth just a bit away from being done.

I am still enjoying the spinning, and I'm finding that my singles are getting more consistent as I get more comfortable with my long draw, but it's going to be a long haul to get through this entire fleece. The one thing that I don't really like about spinning this way is that I really have to keep an eye on my singles as I spin, which means I can't simultaneously watch something or read. I've been getting around that by listening to podcasts or audiobooks, so at least I feel that I'm multitasking a bit.

The next step in this big spinning project is to wind the singles off the bobbins and put them on my oh-so-fancy storage bobbins (aka empty TP tubes). I have a fair number of WooLee Winder bobbins but not enough to hold all the singles for this project, so I'm going to empty these and then fill them again. This will also make it easier to mix up the singles when I ply to even out the inconsistencies across the entire time I spin.

While much of the weekend was spent outside enjoying the gorgeous weather, I've also spent a fair part of it in educating myself. I started reading the much-lauded How to Be an Antiracist and am reading it carefully, as if I were studying it for a class. I bought myself a hard copy a while back, and I'm grateful to be able to underline and highlight and make notes as I read. The Mister and I also watched the documentary 13th over the past couple evenings, and I watched Just Mercy at the end of last week (note that it's available to stream for free for the month of June!). I recommend both movies, though be prepared to be both very angry and very sad.


  1. wow - you've been SO busy with your body AND mind. I hope this week treats you well!

  2. My plan is to watch Just Mercy this morning once I have the laundry going.

  3. Your spinning looks lovely to me and I love your fancy singles storage! I finished How to be an Antiracist this weekend, and know I will need to read it again (and again), highlighting and taking notes as you are.

  4. You had a very productive and busy weekend! I'm also reading and highlighting How to Be an Antiracist. Tom and I watched Just Mercy in the theater when it first came out, and will probably watch it again sometime this month. 13th is in our to-watch queue.