Sunday, June 28, 2020

The Tour Commences

Today is Day 2 of the Tour de Fleece. In previous years, I've basically abandoned by knitting for the duration of the Tour, but considering how much spinning I've gotten done this year, especially during that first bit of lockdown when spinning was all I could do for any extended period of time, I figured it was okay to be more relaxed about it this year. I am still working on my Rambouillet fleece and am determined to stay focused on it until it's done!

In addition to spinning a bit already today, I also took the time to wind off the singles from bobbins 5 through 8:

I think the color is finally pretty accurate here -- it's a lovely milky brown, kind of how I like my coffee. I was very pleased that I had no breakage while winding these, which means that the singles are a lot stronger than I think they are! If they can withstand the force of the ball winder, then I shouldn't have any issues when I'm plying.

This evening I'll continue to work on bobbin number 9, which looks very much like its predecessors:

I am cautiously optimistic that I will be plying by week's end!


  1. That is a lovely shade of milky brown, and I'll be anxious to see the singles plied. Just keep spinning! (Is there a yellow jersey for the Tour de Fleece? If so, I hope you win it!)

  2. Excellent! Good luck with the Tour :)

  3. What a pace! Good for you.
    I peeked at your Goodreads sidebar...and I recently finished Such a Fun Age, as well. I knew you were reading it, too, so I was curious as to your take! A fast, entertaining read, for sure. And while timely--and giving pause at times--the relative lightness of a novel by a young black woman about a young black woman was a good thing for me (Especially since I've been reading so much non-fiction that requires a pen & book flags lately!)

  4. So beautiful, Sarah! :-)

  5. That yarn in progress is a such a nice soft color. Your spinning is so inspiring and beautiful. I hope you are plying soon.