Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Not So Short

I am continuing to plow through my Vitamin D at a rate that's somewhat astonishing to me given the limited amount of time I have to knit each night and the fact that I'm using sportweight yarn on size 4 needles. Last night I finished the second and final short row section of the body, though "short" is a bit of a misnomer when you consider that each short row covered most of the body stitches (by the time I finished the last set, I had only 6 stitches unworked on each side).

Still only on the second skein!
I'm at the point now where I have to work a couple more rows on all the stitches and then I'll start the yarnover radial increases again. I believe I have four sets of those to do in total, with plain rows in between, and then the edging (for which I may need to buy another needle, because I don't think I have a size 3 long enough to hold all these stitches comfortably). I'm very confident that I'll have no problem finishing this sweater by the end of the month.

Meanwhile, during my lunch breaks, I'm still working on my Rubus suberectus socks, which are going much more slowly than I expected.

The problem isn't the stitch pattern, which I've now got memorized and can do much more quickly. The problem is that my row gauge has gone crazy. Usually, I get 10 or 11 rounds per inch on my socks; for these socks, with this yarn, I'm getting 13 rounds per inch. I really love the squish and the stitch definition I'm getting with this yarn, but it shrinks up into really short stitches. I figured out that with my gauge, knitting the toe as written is going to cover only 1.25 inches. So I may revise the toe a bit so it doesn't look quite so funny and short on my foot, especially because I have some unusually long toes.


  1. Does everybody own this book (the Hunter Hammerson) one) except me? I've been holding out because although I love the patterns (I have the e version of her first book) I have so many sock books, but apparently I'm going to be buying it now too. You are a master enabler...

  2. I've never had any urge to make this sweater until you started yours. Now I'm pretty sure I'll be making one for myself AND my mom this Spring!

  3. It's looking lovely!!!! I have that pattern in my favorites =D