Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Two Farewells

About six years ago, I knit myself a couple of pairs of Embossed Leaves socks from Koigu. I had picked up three skeins (two of one colorway, one of another) at a sale, I think, and planned to use the two matching skeins for a pair of socks. I knit the first one and then grabbed a second skein quickly one morning before I left for work, not stopping to check that it was the right color. As you might have guessed, it was not. By the time I discovered my error, I decided to finish the sock, knit another out of the correct skein, and then find a fourth skein to match the odd one out (which I eventually did). These two pairs of socks have been worn pretty regularly in the intervening years -- until Friday. I came home and took off my shoes only to discover this:

This is officially the first pair of wool socks I've ever worn out, but I'd say that six years is not a bad life for them.

I wore the other pair yesterday, and I think you can guess what happened:

I can think of several reasons why these would wear out where they did. For one thing, the heels of these socks are not reinforced (i.e., the heel flap is just plain stockinette). These may also have been knit at a gauge that wasn't tight enough for durability, and to add to it, Koigu is a two-ply yarn, which isn't the most durable construction for a sock yarn. And, of course, Koigu is 100% merino -- no nylon for durability. They were lovely socks to knit and wear, though, so I'm not sorry that I made them. I don't know for sure if Koigu is superwash, so I may try throwing these in the washer and dryer to see if they'll felt (and then I can use them to make a toy or something).

On the upside, my Vitamin D looks like a real sweater now!

I finished the body border last night and picked up for the neckline before bed. I have about four more rows of garter stitch and a bind off to do on that and then all that's left to do is the sleeves. Think I can finish this by the weekend?


  1. I'm just impressed that you knit something out of the same colourway twice. Impressive. I'm always moving to something else...

  2. Oh you can darn those! It looks like you caught them quick enough that repair should be easy. Especially if you saved your leftovers.

  3. i love that EL pattern. it's one of the only ones i would consider knitting again. if i had any time to knit, that is.

  4. Awwww...such pretty socks. I can't believe you got six years out of them!!! Your Vitamin D will definitely be finished by the weekend. You're such a fast knitter.

  5. Anonymous8:18 PM

    oh goodness ... don't toss out your socks! I'll darn them (if you don't mind imperfection) and you can enjoy another six years together.

    (carrotandstick, on Ravelry)

  6. Anonymous10:15 AM

    I hurried when I saw this to write darn these don't felt them and thankfully when I logged in saw that other people were telling you the same thing.