Sunday, May 23, 2021

Dark and Ocean-y

The good news is that I've finished a skein of handspun, the first for my Southern Cross Fibre sweater spin. The bad news is that I cannot seem to get my camera to correctly capture the deep, dark blue that it is in real life. The colorway is Dark Ocean, and it's just that -- a deep, moody blue verging on teal. It makes me think of the colors you see in the ocean in Renaissance paintings of ships at sea in the middle of a violent storm, like this:

I've tried to edit the colors to get them to be more accurate in the photo, but I still don't really know what I'm doing with photo editing, so trust me when I say this is darker and really stunning in person.

I think one reason that this yarn turned out so beautifully is, in addition to David's beautiful dyeing ability, that the base fiber was a grey merino. A colored fiber really adds so much depth to the dyed product! The yarn is still drying, so I can't tell you the final yardage just yet, but it did turn out to be fingering, and I used every last bit of the singles. I anticipate somewhere in the range of 350 yards or so.

The next skein to be spun will be from this organic superfine merino from November 2018. The colorway is A New Hope:

I plan to pull this apart so that the light and dark areas are separated as much as possible to get more of the look I'm going for.

I also got a pretty amazing surprise this week when my April club shipment arrived. I knew it was on its way because I got an email from Australia Post telling me so, but because shipments now come by boat and arrive in the United States in San Francisco (rather than the route by plane through New York, as they did in the Before Times), they typically take several weeks to arrive. So you could have knocked me over with a feather when this took a mere eight days to arrive here!

This colorway is called Kingfisher, and it's on Corriedale wool. I absolutely love these colors, and I'm actually wondering if they might fit in with the blues and purples I've already selected for my sweater spin. Something to ponder!


  1. I love those dark an ocean-y colors, even if they're not shown to their full advantage in the photo. The New Hope will be a beautiful addition, and I think the Kingfisher might be also. Keep spinning!

  2. That yarn does indeed look gorgeous. I'm anxious to see how the other fiber turns into yarn.

  3. Another beautiful yarn. Reading your posts makes me really want to learn more about how my yarns are made.

  4. Beautiful spinning! I love that dark broody skein! :)

  5. Those ocean colors are just beautiful, Sarah. Even if they don't quite show up on camera like they do in real life. Lovely spinning, as always. XO

  6. I'm gonna be so jealous of your Shifty yarn (yep, I can already tell!) ... when you do a sweater spin, do you try to keep the fibers the same, or at least similar, across the different yarns?

  7. These colours are so gorgeous - both of the yarn and new fiber. the yarn really looks like the deep blue sea!