Sunday, May 30, 2021

An Unintended Gradient

I have gotten more spinning done this week than I expected, in part because I finally got some library books I've had on hold for a while, and you know how much I love to spin and read an ebook. I am now two-thirds of the way done with my New Hope three ply, having finished up the second bobbin of singles yesterday:

This second bobbin seemed to go much faster, and when I compared it to the first, I could see why. I clearly did not divide up my fiber very evenly, as there are more singles on the first bobbin (that's the yellow-orange one above) than on the second (the purple). When I split up the fiber, I was trying to separate the lighter blues from the darker ones in addition to splitting the weight of it all. It looks to me, now that I see the two finished bobbins and the fiber to be spun on the third, that I ended up with components of a gradient. I expect the singles on the final bobbin to be darker overall. It really doesn't matter too much to me, as the will still end up with an interesting effect when plied, but it's certainly a reminder of how I could have spun it differently.

This weekend has turned out to be a complete failure in the sense of it being the traditional start to summer: Yesterday it rained nearly all day and was chilly enough that we had to turn our heat back on and I had to get out wool socks and a sweater. Today was only marginally better -- dry, but just as gloomy. Tomorrow the sun is supposed to reappear, though I don't think we're supposed to get any warmer than 70F. On the plus side, this kind of weather is perfect for curling up with a cup of tea, my crafting, and a good book. That's exactly what I did yesterday afternoon. Today, as a way of getting Rainbow out of the house for a bit, I proposed that we visit our local independent bookstore. She found a young reader's edition of a memoir by Sonia Sotomayor, and I came home with copies of two of my recent favorite reads:

I was delighted to find the copy of The Secret Lives of Church Ladies because I originally listened to the audiobook and want to reread it with my eyes. The author is also local to me. And when I saw signed copies of Writers & Lovers, which I absolutely adored and think everyone should read, I had to bring a copy home with me. I did look for books that I want to read, rather than two that I've already read, but it's a small bookstore and the books they feature are the same ones that you see everyone reading and talking about. It's funny -- I used to be the kind of reader who would buy all the books I wanted to read, but now I seem to be more likely to borrow them from the library first and then read the ones that I really love. I suppose it's a more sustainable approach to it, even if I'm not economically supporting the bookstore or the author as much (but I do donate to the library, and I know the library buys the ebooks and audiobooks I borrow!).

Anyway, I have two books out from the library right now that I expect will be more than enough to keep me company through the final bobbin of singles and plying. I very much expect that come this time next week, I'll be showing you a finished skein of yarn.

I hope your long weekend is more summery than mine, and if not, I hope you have a good book and some crafting to keep you entertained!


  1. I'm looking forward to seeing what our plied yarn looks like; the singles are beautiful shades of blue! This weekend was decidedly non-summery here also. It barely got to 50, and with a cold rain yesterday and today, I am wearing fleece and wool socks. But it was a really great weekend for reading!

  2. We are having a pretty nice weekend but hubby has to rest after a back procedure so things are pretty quiet. Plenty of time for reading on the deck and knitting.

  3. The colors in the yarn are so gorgeous. I am an audiobook fanatic, I love to listen as I drive for work and to pop in my earbuds and listen and knit. Enjoy your books.

  4. What great book finds! I managed to finish one book for book bingo over the weekend and I am so close on a second! My fear is that the books in my queue are going to all "become available" at the same time! :)

  5. I think your approach to buying books is a good one ... I'm trying hard to only buy books that I know I need to read slowly OR that I know a few others will read, too. I remember painstakingly transcribing just ONE quotation from the audio of Church Ladies and wishing I had the words on a page to help!