Thursday, May 06, 2021

Three Reasons to Smile

It's Thursday, though it's my Friday because I am off tomorrow, and if that isn't reason enough to be happy, I thought I'd link up with Carole and share three more things that are bringing me joy today.

1. Our lilac bushes are blooming (and they smell amazing!)

These bushes are along our driveway, and I normally pass them a lot, but the current stage of the roof project means that there is scaffolding along the back of the house and a dumpster in the driveway, both of which prevent us from getting in and out through the back door. On top of that, there's usually a roofer's truck parked in front of the dumpster during the day, so when I leave the house, I've been missing them altogether. Today, though, I had to take Rainbow to school while the Mister took my car to the dealer for its annual inspection, and I got to get up close and personal with the bushes. Good thing, too, or I would have missed these fragrant blooms! I have never seen as many flowers on them as I have this year (they only started flowering at all a few years ago), so I can only imagine how amazing they will be in years to come.

2. Thanks to vaccines, we were able to safely have dinner with all our siblings last night.
My brother- and sister-in-law hosted us for a Cinco de Mayo-themed dinner, and that meant that I got to see and squish this cutie:

He's 19 months old now and is running around and talking up a storm. I hadn't seen him in person since sometime last year, I think (we did a few outside meals when the weather was good last year), though we've video chatted with him plenty of times and they've been showing him our pictures so he doesn't forget us. He can say all our names, more or less (I'm "Sadah" -- R's are hard!), and he's got the stubborn toddler persona down. He's going to be a handful, especially because of item number 3 ...

3. I'm going to be an aunt again!
Baby #2 for my brother- and sister-in-law is due around Thanksgiving! They'll be finding out the sex (my sister-in-law is convinced it'll be another boy), so I will have some guidance as far as my knitting is concerned. I'll also be putting some stuff on the list for my nephew, because I know that when his sibling comes along he's not going to be happy about not getting all his mama's attention!

I hope your Thursday is full of reasons to smile! See you back here on Sunday (spoiler alert: I'll have a finished skein of handspun to share!).


  1. I thought the lilacs were wonderful (they are amazing) until I scrolled all the way down! Congratulations to all; a new baby (and baby knitting) is the best!

  2. Such a happy post, Sarah! Lilac is one of my all-time favorite scents, period. I tried to drink in as much of it as I can in spring. What a great way to start your day! I can only imagine how good it felt to all be together last night--especially with such an adorable little man in your company. And congrats to all your fam on the new baby! I was around Rainbow's age when my toddler cousin became a sibling. I spent a lot of time with him that summer, playing + showering the attention while baby sis was hunkered down with mama. How fortunate that you're all local!

  3. Three very happy items! Lilacs are lovely both in scent and in texture.

  4. Wow! and YAYAYAAY! new life is a JOY!

  5. I am with Bonny... those lilacs were the star until I learned that cutie is going to be a big brother! What a blessing!

  6. CONGRATULATIONS!! Aww that is fantastic news, all the best for your brother and his wife! Your nephew really looks like a little ball of personality. ;) He's so cute! I'm so glad that you can see each other again. (We haven't seen my nieces in over a year too, but their parents are .. dunno, not interested? in videochatting or something. So we'll see how the first visit in who-knows-when will go down for the little one. ;) )

    Thank you so much for the flower picture too - it's been a while since I've smelled lilacs, but I hope it will happen again soon!

  7. What happy news. A new baby in the family is a reason to celebrate. I'm so glad you are able to gather with your siblings. Enjoy the lilacs and Happy Mother's Day.

  8. Good news all around! Stay safe.