Sunday, March 28, 2021

Waiting for Poppies

I'd really hoped to have a finished skein of handspun to share today. For some strange reason I thought that I'd manage to finish spinning my last bobbin of singles yesterday in the midst of my Passover cooking. Those of you laughing at me right now are totally justified -- I had all of about 20 minutes to sit down yesterday afternoon! But the meal turned out well, the company was lovely, and I can unreservedly recommend those flourless chocolate cookies now (just know that they do not keep well and you'll want to eat them quickly after you make them, but they're so light that you really don't feel bad about eating a few in a sitting).

As of this evening, I have three finished bobbins of Flanders Fields Rambouillet singles:

I think I just might start plying tonight, especially as I am hoping that there's a good amount of yardage in there, which would translate to a longer plying time. When this skein is finally done, I have a new tool to skein it, because my birthday present finally arrived on Friday afternoon!

This is an Akerworks Super Skeiner, my runner-up choice of present after the puppy I requested first didn't materialize. As with all the Akerworks products I own, it's a bit of engineering genius. It folds flat and gets stored in what looks to be a laptop case. In a couple of minutes (assuming you're a little smarter about reading the directions than I was), you can have it put together to skein up your latest handspun. It's able to be expanded to hold a larger skein, and it has a counter that you attach that takes the hardest part of skeining for me (because my mind is always wandering while I'm trying to count or someone comes in and starts talking to me).

I apparently got an upgrade on the original counter; if you look at the product page on the Akerworks site, you'll see that the counter looks like the clicker style of row counter. The one that came with mine is fully digital and runs on a single AA battery. The skein that's on the Super Skeiner is the Shetland I finished earlier in the month. I ran it back through the wheel to remove some of the excess plying twist, and it was conveniently waiting to be reskeined when this new toy arrived. It works brilliantly (provided it's set up correctly, of course; there was some user error on my first attempt).

I hope you've had as nice a weekend as possible. We had gorgeous weather yesterday for our seder, so we were able to sit outdoors, and today was gross and rainy but the highlight was that my parents got back this afternoon and stopped by on their way to their house to surprise Rainbow. She said she thought she was going to cry because she was so happy to see them! That, my friends, is a reminder of what's important.


  1. I'm so glad your weekend was so lovely, despite the gross weather on Sunday (it was the same here - beautiful Saturday, rainy on Sunday). And yay for the return of your parents!!

    Your birthday present looks so cool! I'm glad you're enjoying it :) I'm going to keep my fingers crossed for the miraculous appearance of a puppy, though.

  2. Glad your parents are back safely and that your Seder was so delicious - what a gorgeous day to be outside. We had the same gorgeous weather and the same yucky weather on Sunday. Your Skeiner looks really cool!

  3. Those are lovely singles and that is a lovely gift! I'm glad your parents are back, and how wonderful that they stopped to see Rainbow. The emotion we feel after not seeing people we love for so long is huge, and sometimes brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it.

  4. Oh, my goodness! What a fascinating "contraption!" Engineering genius!!! I'm so glad your Passover seder was a great success -- AND that your parents were able to stop by and SEE Rainbow in person. What a wonderful surprise for her. (It gives me the tingles. . . ) XO

  5. What an amazing skein winder! I love it! :) And I am so glad you had a lovely Passover!

  6. Picturing Rainbow, hugging her grandparents, after what must be the longest absence in her life(?), is a lovely picture to start my week, when I picture US hugging Sara on Thursday!

  7. Oh what a joyous reunion for all of you. Your new skein winder does look like an amazing work of engineering.

  8. Super late (again), but this is such a cool present!! Especially since you still wanted to spin down your fibre stash, it should come on super handy (and I can imagine that over methods of measuring yardage are quite tedious - it already was for me the few times I finished a mini-mini skein).